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The Apple Of My Eye

June 28, 2015

iPhone 6

Like most things in this world, technology is cyclic… bah, whatever, I’ll cut to the chase. I’m back on an iPhone.

Perhaps ironically I wrote all about my Microsoft-centric world in my last post, What the phablet?, and in the post before that, Apples to Apples, Dust to Dust, I lamented about leaving my iFamily behind. But undertones in each left open the possibility of possibilities. Like an addict I was most pleased that I had broken free from the stranglehold Apple had on me.

Ok, now that I feel better about that I’ll explain what drew me back to the iPhone. In one word: QUALITY.

The hardware is flawless. The casing. The screen (touch and visuals). The audio quality. The fingerprint reader. The camera.

The software is slick. Simple, efficient, responsive, purposeful, reliable.

But I already knew most of this and even wrote about this and more in a previous post: 5 reasons why I bought an iPhone 5s, so I won’t go into all of that again.

Instead, I’ll list a few things I loved and hated about Android and Windows Phone from experience over the past year.

  • My favourite thing about Android is Google Now. It’s amazing technology and no one else has anything like it. I will miss that
  • My most hated thing about Android is the feeling of how inefficiently it runs. It often feels sluggish, despite running on a good hardware, or would run hot or suffer from short battery-life and I could never predict when or how that would happen. My Nexus 7, which lives on the coffee table, is often flat despite sitting idle for only a couple of days. My LG G3, would freeze or hang for no apparent reason and was unpredictable with battery life. Even Chrome is a massive resource hog… why Google? WHY?
  • My favourite thing about Windows Phone is how connected it makes you feel to your own things. It brings together well curated views of your social networks, contacts, news and other interests into gorgeous live tiles where you can consume information at a glance, or dig a bit deeper
  • My most hated thing about Windows Phone is similar to that of Android. It feels clunky and tedious. It feels like, well, Windows. (NB. I haven’t evaluated Windows Phone 10 yet, and I hear that is much better)

How does Apple get these things so right? In my opinion it’s because of a combination of a few things.

  • Firstly because they design and engineer the hardware and software to work together so things run more efficiently
  • Then, they use high quality components to build it
  • And finally, they protect it with strict controls over APIs, developers, partners and resellers

So, the iPhone is back in my life. My Nexus 7 is largely disused, mostly because it’s usually flat because I don’t use it enough to keep it charged – go figure. I know an iPad lasts weeks and weeks with this sort of usage because my 4-year-old iPad 2 that lives on the kitchen counter and primarily used by my wife is still going strong with daily use.

But I don’t want to get a new iPad, or even a new tablet for that matter. What has really caught my eye is the new MacBook. (It even got me to resurrect my 5-year-old MacBook Pro, which I am typing this on and loving – Apple products just don’t die!). Now a device like that sexy new MacBook makes me rethink some of the comments I made in What the phablet? about what a good two-device-combo should look like… hmm…

I wonder what my next post will be about…


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