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5 reasons why I bought an iPhone 5s

October 6, 2013

iPhone 5s


It’s elegant and sexy and I like the size, shape and weight.

This, of course, is subjective, but functionally it is important to me to be able to easily use a phone with one hand so my other hand is free to shove food in my mouth, hold a beer or do other equally important things (like stay upright on a tram).


It’s reliable, efficient and predictable (in a good way).

Messages work like this. Notifications behave like this. If I use it this way the battery will last this long.

I don’t want a million different ways to do things. I just want to get things done.


I like the huge and ever-expanding portfolio of useful, fun, creative, well-designed apps.

While the old Apple slogan “there’s an app for that” is no longer only true for iOS these days (Android is up there), there still is no comparison for the quality of apps you get in the iOS App Store. Apple’s high standards and app store approval process ensures that I don’t have to worry about dodgy apps mining for data, slowing down my phone or draining my battery.

I am happy to pay 99c for an aesthetically-pleasing, well-developed and functional app and have peace of mind, rather than download a hacked together freebie.


No other device has more interesting, elegant and useful accessories created for it. Cases, adapters, docks, cradles, car kits, speakers, headphones. You name it, there’s one in every shape, size, colour and price point.


Almost all of my close friends and family who I’m regularly in touch with have an iPhone and we make excellent use of iMessage group chat, and occasionally FaceTime. I would never have guessed how important and central to communication these tools would become.

Yes, I am aware of WhatsApp and Skype and countless other cross-platform messaging and video chat apps but will you teach my mum how to use them and explain why she should?

Nothing beats built-in native functionality where you don’t have to think about it, let alone be taught how to use it.

So why an iPhone 5s?

Ah, good pick up. These five points are true for every iPhone that can run iOS 6 and above , i.e. iPhone 3GS and later.

In fact, my first iPhone was the 3GS and that shift (from a Blackberry, mind you) was driven by reasons one through four above (except maybe not reason number two; Blackberry is probably still stronger there).

Within two years reason number five came into fruition, since many of my friends and family picked up an iPhone 3GS or the newer iPhone 4 when it came out.

In these same two years, however, many new and more compelling phones entered the market and my eyes wandered.

Just like virtually everyone else I, too, wanted something newer, faster, with a nicer screen and a better camera.

It was no surprise that this is the marketing technique used by the likes of Samsung and HTC to lure cashed-up smartphone buyers away from Apple.  And to be fair, on paper many of these competing phones were and still are superior to the iPhone in one or more ways.

Take the Nokia (Microsoft?) Lumia 1020 with it’s 41 megapixel camera today, for example. (Talk about pissing contest! Will the next one have eleventy-kajilion ultra-mega pixels?).

But I have my list.  Once I evaluated some of these exciting new phones on the market against my five criteria, which are weighted more heavily than on-paper specs, the iPhone still came out on top for me.

Not once but twice; I replaced my iPhone 3GS with an iPhone 4s and then I replaced my iPhone 4s with an iPhone 5s.

Each time I looked, listened, read, researched and evaluated. You’ll also note that I skipped the models in between. Proof that I’m not just an Apple fanboy making blind purchases, right? RIGHT?

What evs. Hater.


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