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I just got it!

March 31, 2013

Miracle baby

Suddenly I feel like that guy who just got the punchline 5 minutes after everyone else did.

Babies are a miracle!

I mean, the concept is certainly not new. I know all about the biology and science behind it. I’m a self-confessed nerd (and an incredibly annoying know-it-all) when it comes to the science behind most things. I get that what happens is a truly amazing thing from conception to birth. I also have close friends and family who have had babies recently and I feel how special it is.

But now that I’m in the hot seat, on the brink of fatherhood, I can barely fathom the events that have happened and that are about to happen.

Seeing and living the physical transformation that my wife is going through has probably been the most instrumental in this feeling. How mother nature’s design is so robust and reliable that even our meddling nature couldn’t destroy it is nothing short of amazing.

Despite being the know-it-all I think I am I have actually learned a few things, too. Through antenatal classes, reading and talking to friends I’ve realised that years of seeing Hollywood’s versions of child birth have warped the reality in my mind. And that what they teach you in school, the science and the biology, is just one half of the story – or less.

What boggles my mind is the fact that through instinct alone mother and baby can get through everything from the birth to breastfeeding and beyond.

With all our science, technology, books and computers there’s nothing we can really do, or need to do, to improve on this design. Of course, we can give things a little nudge and make it as comfortable and as safe as possible, but all in all – God’s got this one.

Miraculous or not, in about 3 weeks time my life is going to change forever and I just can’t wait for it.

PS. I apologise in advance – I’m likely to drive away all my readers by being one of those annoying parents who only posts pictures and stories about their baby for a little while. Please give me a chance, I have some interesting new tech and toys I want to write about… Like this new baby monitor I got…


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One Comment
  1. Hi Amit.
    You are right. With all the technology we, human beings, have created, nothing compares to the complexity yet beauty of a baby being created and born. Good luck with the journey of fatherhood. Surely that can’t beat the nerdiness out of ya! I suggest future reviews on prams….

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