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Keeping It Together

April 25, 2012

Is your online persona different to your real life persona?

It’s normal that it is. I mean, in real life we don’t usually roll on the floor laughing so hard that our asses literally fall off. But online it’s ok to say that this is actually is happening.

Where things are getting complicated is with our multiple of online personas.

Think about your Twitter account, your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, your Google+ profile, your Flickr profile, your Foursquare profile, your Instagram profile, your BranchOut profile, your online gaming profile, your other Twitter account, your blog…

Depending on who you’re addressing, you probably use a different forum as your vessel and have a different persona on that forum. It might be a conscious decision. It might not be. What if you occasionally tweet work-related information from your personal Twitter account? Does this mean you have to maintain a level of professionalism on that Twitter account? And who decides? Does it matter?

There have been cases around the world recently that touch on this topic and many other related issues. The most notable probably being the case.

This is getting very difficult to manage. Lines are getting blurred. Wires are getting crossed.

We have so many online identities that if we lived like that in the real world we’d be diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, aka multiple personality disorder.

There have been growing concerns and discussions around security, online safety and identity theft. These are all criminal considerations. What about the psychological side of this? Am I crazy or just over-thinking it? (Don’t answer that :P)

So far, with the main online services that I use, I’ve gotten away with one Twitter account that’s quite public, my Facebook account is very private, my LinkedIn account is very professional and this blog which is real dumping ground (sorry!).

I’ve managed to keep it together for this long by being stringent about what forum I use for what but it’s getting harder and harder to stick to these ‘rules’ because there really aren’t any.

I’ve recently started writing for my work’s blog site – check out my first post here: System Center Operations Manager 2012: The Power of Knowledge – and I’m feeling the lines blurring again since there is an overlap between my work and personal interests.

So tell me. How do you keep it together?

PS. Extra points if you can name the character and the reference I’m making in the image above 🙂


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  1. Is the image from The Nutty Professor? Buddy?

  2. Bowfinger?!?!

    • That’s the one!
      Kit Ramsey from Bowfinger… “Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together” 🙂

  3. Hey ya Amit! I have given you a Beautiful Blogger award. I wish I could name it Handsome Blogger award instead. More fitting for boys!

    • Wow, what an honour… thanks, Kim!
      I’m not bothered by the ‘beautiful’ title one bit… is that weird? 😉

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