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Technical Difficulties: Technology is a Burden

February 25, 2012

Do you think cavemen ever sat around the fire in their cave, bored out of their minds, staring at an empty wall and thinking; ‘if only we had some kind of magic box with moving pictures right there to entertain us’?

Probably not. Ok, that was a pretty stupid statement. What I was hoping to do, though, was invoke some thought about what technology you have in your everyday life that our ancestors, or even our parents, didn’t have. I can think of a million things. Now ask yourself this; could you live without it?

What if no one else had it? What if it was never invented?

Unless you were thinking of ‘fire’ and the ‘wheel’, I’m betting that you and everyone else can live without it. I mean, if you go back far enough; we did. Right?
Better yet, I’m willing to argue that we might even be happier without it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love technology. I’d be a massive hypocrite if I tried to convince you otherwise. But what I find happens is technology makes me happy. Then my expectations and (perceived) needs go up. Then technology lets me down and makes me sad. Then I get new technology – and I’m happy again.

I call it the iCircle of emotion 😉

You might be wondering where all this has stemmed from. (Warning: techie, nerdy content coming up). I’m annoyed at my home storage and media woes.

I have hundreds of gigabytes of photographs I’ve taken with my digital SLR camera. I’ve got a library of movies, music and TV shows – all electronic. I remember a time not so long ago when I rejoiced at the thought of never having to store developed (or undeveloped) photos anymore. I was ecstatic when I ripped all my music CDs, dismantled my CD rack and packed everything away in box. ‘The digital era has solved all of our problems!’, I thought.

Boy, was I wrong.

Mo’ tech, mo’ problems; if you ask me.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: please don’t take this too seriously – I know I’ve completely disregarded how much modern medicine has helped the world. I’m not arguing with that. But what about the late Steve Jobs’ ‘gifts to the world’? Surely we could have lived without those? Discuss.


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  1. Your iCircle of emotion is amazingly accurate. This iCircle applies to my hubby’s love of Apple products and any sound related equipment. Yes, we could live without them. But when technology works, we love it!

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