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Google+ Is Not The Answer

July 27, 2011


Life online is a whole new world, and it’s a jungle out there. A Social Nightmare (as I previously blogged about). Jobs have been lost, relationships have been ruined and I’m sure a lot worse has happened from the wrong information falling into the wrong hands.

This isn’t about censorship or even security, which have been hot topics since grandparents and grandchildren and everyone in-between began using the Internet. This is about our real social interactions. This is about the fact that our parents, siblings, in-laws, the weird guy from drinks last night, our boss and the neighbours cat are all on there. And you wouldn’t walk into a room with all those people in it and say: ‘drinks last night was great but I drank too much and threw up on my shoe. Here’s a photo. I don’t know that weird guy holding me around my waist’.

Is Google+ going to solve that problem? No. There, I said it.
But it’s an attempt and a step in the right direction. This is going to take some time to get right. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was society.

How do you manage your online life?

Personally, I am giving Google+ a go but I still find that I use entire social networks as huge ‘circles’ that I share differently with. I.e. I tend to interact with different people on Facebook, Twitter and now Google+… and then there are those few social media junkies who I have across the lot. Takes one to know one I guess 😉

So have you jumped on the G+ bandwagon? Are you getting buy in from friends/family?
Leave me a comment here…or on Google+ :).


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