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Kindle, iPad, equivalent or… actual books?

December 15, 2010

I’m confused.  Not about what technologies are out there or what they can do, but more about how I can make the most of them. It’s not just about wanting toys, albeit, that does have something to do with it.  It’s more a case of there being too much choice but still no ‘silver bullet’.

A little while ago I blogged Modern Day Dilemma – What iDevice Should i Buy and this is really in the same vain but either further along or more confusing – you decide.

So I have an iPhone that I use to its absolute fullest.  I felt the need for an iPad or similar device for couch-surfing, meetings and travelling.  I never ended up getting one because I felt it wasn’t quite ‘ready’ yet.  The rumoured iPad 2 with front and rear-facing cameras, USB and/or SD ports, a better screen, more memory and more storage is sounding a lot more like the ticket.  Or at least it will drive better competition to emerge.

Then I got to thinking… what about my phone?  I currently have an iPhone 3GS, which I’m bored of.  There are plenty of options out there; iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, Windows Phone 7, to name a few.  But I don’t like the idea of forking out my hard-earned for an iPad 2 and a new phone in the same year.  Not to mention trying to justify that with the household CFO (wife).

It goes without saying that the phone gets far greater use day-to-day than a tablet ever would.
So the question is; can I hold out an extra year with the same phone that I’ve already had for over a year?  Hmm… unlikely.
So do I hold out another year on the iPad then?  I suppose I could – I have nothing to miss.  But that kinda hurts too.

Enter the e-Reader.  I travel a lot and I read a lot.  On a recent trip I had a lot of difficulty physically fitting the book I was reading at the time into my bag.  It was a new release, you see, so a huge hardcover thing.  Got sore arms just holding it up while reading it.

So I got to thinking… perhaps my 2011 portable device landscape should look like this:  1x new phone + 1 x e-Reader.

As long as I get a phone with more features than my current iPhone 3GS then it will do all I need (and hopefully a little more) and then an e-Reader can be the other toy to solve my book problem (and need for toys).  It’s perfect because they are far cheaper than an iPad or equivalent tablet, they have long battery life, so no worries with extra chargers/cables/adaptors on trips, and I can carry as many books as I want with me.  I’m just not sure I will get the same enjoyment out of reading a good old fashioned paperback that I can throw around, or even lend to a friend….

What do you think?  What does your portable device landscape look like?  Am I alone on this?


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