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When my iPhone is sad, I am sad

October 22, 2010

I’ve been a little bored of my iPhone lately so I decided to jailbreak it so I could change it around a little bit and kind of ‘fool’ myself into believing it’s a whole new toy.

Now, I have jailbroken my iPhone many times before, but I’ve always gone back to ‘un-jailbroken’ for one reason or another.  Most recently I jailbroke because made it so damn easy.  But then iOS 4.1 came out and the pro’s of that outweighed the pro’s of my jailbreak so I upgraded (and thus losing my jailbreak).

Recently a jailbreak for iOS 4.1 came out and I had three reasons on my issues register that I thought were good enough to warrant jailbreaking again.  Two of those reasons I have always had since day one of my iPhone:

  1. LockInfo – a nice view of upcoming calendar appointments and recent emails presented on the lock screen (and heaps more).  I missed this from my Windows Mobile and Blackberry days.
  2. AutoSilent – a bit of profile management, which I missed from my Nokia days.

The third and brand new reason that has just come up for me recently is the ability to download a single file larger than 20 MB via 3G.  It’s the most ridiculous restriction ever.  I assume it there’s to prevent us simple-minded users from inadvertently racking up big data usage bills, but seriously, can’t they leave that to us to manage?  If they’re really worried, why not just have a warning or similar?

Anyway, this has only recently become an issue for me since at my new workplace I don’t have a wireless network I can use and I like to download some of the latest podcasts from the day for my drive home and sometimes they are over 20 MB.  Not too much to ask is it?!

Ok, back on topic.  So I noticed there were two methods of jailbreaking floating around – Limera1n and Greenpoison.  I gave Limera1n a go and a minute later I was all done and ready to hack away at my iPhone.

Day one.  I was sitting in a meeting at work bored.  Perfect chance to pull out my iPhone and have a round of Angry Birds or see what my e-friends were up to on various social networks.  To my horror the battery was on 20%.  It was 100% a mere 3 hours earlier when I got out of the car and I hadn’t used the damn thing.

Bad.  Very bad.  I tried to kills a few apps that I thought might have been running and gave it a reboot but I could literally see the battery percentage dropping in front of my very eyes.  Then I got the iPhone equivalent of the Blue Screen Of Death (the graphic to the very right above) called ‘Sad iPhone’.

This made me sad. Fond memories flashed through my mind of all the enjoyment I’ve had with this iPhone… images of me sitting in previous meetings and silently celebrating as I passed a really hard level of Angry Birds, of me attempting to contain myself as I read a hilarious tweet while my wife was talking to me, of me gently drifting off to sleep with my iPhone by my side…

Ok, so that was all a bit dramatic.  Sad iPhone doesn’t mean dead iPhone but it’s just so disappointing.  How can I love this device so damn much, yet still feel I need to change or improve it?  Then when I have to go back to a non-jailbroken iPhone I find it so boring again.

Sure there are some 200,000 apps but I’m bored of them too.  Yeah I’ve tried them all. What? You questioning me?  What evs, the problem remains.

In the meantime, I’ve changed my wallpaper.  Thinking of changing my ringtone, but I might save that excitement for next month….


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