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Death by Powerpoint

October 20, 2010

The company I work for is running a joint event with Microsoft tomorrow and I’m required to present in one of the technical sessions.

Determined not to cause Death by Powerpoint, I’ve loaded up my presentation with funky Powerpoint 2010 transitions, bubbly smart art and eye-catching animations.  I like my presentations to have very little text and to captivate my audience with the power of spoken word.  I don’t like to read lines – from the screen or from notes.

The theory is sound, but I am actually presenting on a product called Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.  Many of you probably tuned out or started feeling drowsy just reading that.

And with that realisation, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible to captivate an audience if your topic is of no interest to them.  By the same logic I am hoping that my audience tomorrow are all attending out of choice (and not because they chose this over a regular day at work).

This gives me great confidence!  Tomorrow, I am going to blow some minds by delving into the depths Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager; detailing really cool features like Asset Intelligence, Out-of-Band Management, OSD, MDT, USMT, Reporting, Power Management and more, oh so much more!  YEAHHH!

Err.. Wish me luck.


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